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Schofields 2021 Fri 26th & Sat 27th November

This weekend we held our Junior & Senior Schofield Championships.

There were lots of Brilliant swims so many congratulations to everyone.

Also many thanks to everyone who helped in any way and also our sponsors Express Commercial Solutions.

Well Done


Results on Gala Results Page

October 30, 2021

Future Galas at Armthorpe Leisure Centre

After discussions with DCLT I have to sadly inform you that Armthorpe Leisure Centre will no longer be able to host galas.

As a consequence of this decision this years Schofield Championships will be a very low key affair. There will be only very limited spectators allowed in the viewing gallery, no PA System and the gala will not be licensed. Due to these conditions I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that our DARTES Phase 4 and 5 swimmers will gain little from competing this year.

We will need to make alternative arrangements to swim all our galas in the future at Adwick, including our Schofield Championships, when hopefully it can be a wholly inclusive event once again.

I am clearly very disappointed with this situation but hope that we can all move forward together as the happy and successful club that we have become.

Here's to better times.


Below is the most up to date information on upcoming league and open galas as well as any changes to training times. If you have any questions please get in touch with either the Team Managers or the Head Coach.

Gala Details

Dartes March Sprints - Open Meet - See Paul Whiteley - Notice Board in Gallery

Doncaster Dartes Swim-Along-A-Santa 2021 - Open Meet - See Paul Whiteley - Full

Schofield's Junior Championships - Friday 26th November 2021

Schofields Senior Championships - Saturday 27th November 2021